Buying Selling Moving

Selling Tips

  • Beautify the exterior of the house, i.e. clean gutters, clean windows, mow, prune, weed, paint, repair.  An attractive landscape is a great selling feature!

  • Beautify the interior of the house, i.e. clean everything, wash curtains, unclutter and organize, remove garbage, clean kitty litter, clean carpets, clean and wax floors, remove stains and mildew, clean mirrors, paint (neutral), repair, improve.  Put some flowers in a vase.  Pull open the curtains.  Make sure your home is odour free.

  • Make your home safe for visitors.

  • Turn off T.V.ís and radios.  Keep noise levels low.

  • Look at the real estate market.  Is it a buyerís market or a sellerís market.  This will tell you a lot about whether or not you should make major repairs or lower your selling price.

Moving Tips (return)

  • Have a garage sale before you move.

  • Get insurance on your moving vehicle.

  • Get home insurance.

  • Redirect your mail.

  • Movers can save you time and energy.  They can do your packing and unpacking too.  Check their insurance coverage.

  • Pack a separate box or bag with your everyday necessities, bed sheets, tools, etc. that you may need to get at right away.

  • Put lighter items in bigger boxes so they are not too heavy.

  • It doesnít hurt to video tape valuable house items in case you need to show your insurance company.

  • Remember to cut off your utilities and have them transferred to your new house.

  • Make children feel they are a part of the move.  Communicate with them through the process.  

Buying Tips (return)

  • Clear up any debts you can.  Get a copy of your credit report and fix any errors.  Cancel any credit cards you donít use.

  • Donít make any major purchases or move money around.

  • When buying a home, you will probably need more money than you think.  Remember that homes require upkeep as well.  Be prepared financially to own a home.

  • A Home Inspection can help determine any problems with the condition of the home and early warnings of upcoming repairs.

  • The Home Buyerís Plan is a government program that permits you to use your RRSP funds towards the purchase of a new home.  In order to qualify you have to complete Form T1036 which is available at your tax services office.

  • Look at the real estate market.  Is it a buyerís market or a sellerís market.  This will tell you a lot about whether or not you should make a low-ball offer.

  • Learn about the neighbourhood.  Are there schools and shopping nearby?  How safe is the neighbourhood.  Are there fun things to do in the neighbourhood?  What are your other needs?

  • Keep your job.  

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