Steve Hatfield's Home Inventory Program
The perfect program to track all of the purchases you make for your home. Included along with this fun and easy to use program is a handy mortgage calculator. This home inventory program allows you easy navigation with room by room control, inventory reports, fully customizable printing, and blank inventory forms. Great for submission to your insurance company and placement in a safety deposit box! (1.3M zipped / 1.37M unzipped)

Loan-Mate figures unknown factors in mortgage loans using your inputted values. Displays or prints customizable amortization schedule. Give it the loan factors you know - it computes the rest! (176K zipped / 335K unzipped)

Midget CAD for Home Design
Small but powerful drawing program to plan your own home layout. Includes line, arcs, circles, etc. plus text, auto-dimensioning, and supply of pre-drawn importable fixtures - also includes some basic floor plans. (149K zipped / 151K unzipped)

Great program for figuring payments and doing cumulative costing! (98.7K zipped / 191K unzipped)

Residential Financing Qualification Program
Computes and itemizes closing costs, monthly income required and all other mortgage variables using Fannie Mae guidelines. Results can be displayed or printed in the same format as the Good Faith Estimate that banks use. (182K zipped / 204K unzipped)

Mortgage Solver (for Canadian & US mortgages) - for both Mac and Windows using Excel 5.0)

How much house can you afford?

Retirement Calculator

Canadian Mortgage Payment Calculator

Simple Savings Calculator

Lunch Savings Calculator

Investit Software - Real Estate Investment Analysis

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